Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ohio! ...Settling down

After 9 months of roaming, it is time for me to settle down and get serious about school again! In a few short days I am starting my master's program at The Ohio State University (the 'The' is apparently pretty important -- I have been correct multiple times on this). My dad and I came up for an apartment scouting trip a few weeks ago to see what we could find.

Columbus actually surprised me. There are a fair few nice areas, pretty good food, and some great art galleries. The Short North region is the arts district, just south of the university. My dad and I spent some time exploring the area, looking at shops and trying the restaurants.

There were some pretty awesome murals

At least they are honest about their restaurant!

We had a grand time! My dad even got to try out a segway ;-).

We stopped by the North Market on our first evening in Columbus for dinner. The North Market is reminiscent of Boston's Faneuil Hall. The market is full of different food vendors as well as some little stands selling kitchenware, flowers, jewelry, etc.

We did indeed find a cute little apartment in the Grandview/Upper Arlington region, just across the river from the university (within biking distance of course)! It was actually quite serendipitous that we found the apartment. We arrived in Columbus at around 11 AM and immediately began the search for the perfect apartment. I had appointments for a few places, but neither my father nor I were impressed so we just decided to drive around neighborhoods a bit to see if there were any signs posted. Low and behold, we loved one of the first ones we spotted! After seeing a plethora of other apartments, we revisited this apt we and decided it was the one.

After our busy weekend away, we flew back home so I could begin packing my car for the great venture back up north from Okey-homa. Maxwell was a great help while I was packing:

I've been back in Ohio now for about a week after my second exodus back to Tulsa. With help of my friends and family, I am more or less moved in and unpacked. Although I now have an address, I am by no means going to stop adventuring... my next destination: Antarctica! Stay tuned in November.